Victorian Landmark

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The exterior of this Hyde Park Kenwood landmark was restored, while the interiors were reconfigured to create a airy and contemporary home for a family of five. The house had been turned into a rooming house and was in a state of disrepair. Since the windows could not be altered or moved, the new interior layout had to respond to the existing window locations while at the same time creating functional and beautiful rooms. A bay was added to the side of the building not visible to the street in order to turn a back stair hall into a formal dining room, and a small addition on the back corner provided for a mudroom entrance and the required second means of egress from the attic. The existing Victorian trim and doors were reused in new locations, although the new spaces are essentially modern, responding to the clients' collection of modern British art. In fact, the only thing that remained as existing in the interior was the extraordinary staircase.

This project won a 2005 Landmark Award from the City of Chicago for historic renovation.

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Karen Lilly Mozer consulted on interior furnishings.
Maria Smithburg of Artemisia did the initial landscape design. Photographs by Kate Roth Photography