City House

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This urban house, on the typical 25' x 125' Chicago lot, presented numerous challenges. The original home felt dark inside even though the building was fortunate to have a large gainway on the south and a full garden on the north. One of our main goals was to bring light into the house, and create a strong relationship to the yard. Mastro & Skylar added 12' to the rear of the existing building and completely gutted and remodeled the rear half while repairing and preserving much of the Victorian front section. A new kitchen, family room, powder room and stair was added in the new rear section on the main level, and a new master bedroom suite, guest bath and laundry on the second floor. The dining room was reconfigured and a bar area with a window overlooking the next door garden was added. We also designed a new stone mantle for the fireplace in the existing living room and a new baluster for the existing front stairs. We designed the interior millwork and other details to create a bridge between the existing Victorian parts of the house and the owner's modern yet eclectic style.

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We worked with Arden Nelson of ABN Interiors on this project.
Steve Wettengel of Wettengel Woodworking fabricated the cabinets.