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Claudia Miller Skylar

Design Principal

Claudia Skylar has been creating residential projects that combine architecture, interior architecture and landscape design for 25 years. She is intensively involved in the programming and space planning phase. Her academic background helps her act as a catalyst for creative approaches by exploring many different paths and options with the client. Her experience in interior detailing assures integration throughout the project, as she shifts her focus from the overall concept to the smallest detail. In addition, Claudia's love of gardening has resulted in the incorporation of the outside into the architecture, while her expertise in cooking has helped to create memorable kitchens.


Master of Architecture
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B. A. Art History
Wellesley College





James Alan Mastro

Design Principal

James Mastro is an architect and designer who understands construction. He has been designing and building residences for over 35 years, including numerous projects in which he also acted as the developer. His forte is the integration of sophisticated design concepts with construction means and methods. He is involved in each project from initial concept to interior detailing, insuring that the building has integrity and an inherent logic. Although trained as a modernist, he is also proficient in historic detailing. A collector of antique tools, James uses his knowledge of woodworking and furniture making to create special details. His familiarity with the construction process combined with his strong design sense results in projects that are both unique in concept and cost effective in execution.


Bachelor of Architecture
Professional Degree
University of Illinois